Welcome to The Blues Music Group

The Blues Music Group has been developed to provide adult novice musicians the opportunity of developing the skills of group/ensemble music playing in the security of like-standard adult players, and to build the confidence of individual players to eventually comfortably participate in public jam sessions or even ultimately to form their own bands.

We would expect that a participant would have a basic knowledge of their instrument before joining in the workshops. Private tuition would be available by prior arrangement for vocal and some instruments.

The group runs regular “Start-Up” Workshop Sessions facilitated and mentored by experienced musicians where these skills are developed and nurtured. Each individual has the opportunity to develop at their own rate and perform individually to the level at which they feel comfortable. You will never be made to feel uncomfortable.

“Step-Up” Workshop Sessions are also available for those novice musicians who have developed their playing to the stage of considering participating in public jams or gigs. These sessions will help participants to develop the confidence and skills with a repertoire of 3 tunes suitable to be performed at such a venue.

Workshops are held regularly and notices of details and venues for each workshop are announced on this site – Go to “Workshops” on the menu for more details and to make bookings.

Individual arrangements can also be made with other group members to organize private practice sessions.

This Website

cropped-istock_music-blog-header1medium.jpgThe purpose of this Blues Music Group Website is to provide a medium for group members to keep in touch with the groups activities and to make bookings for the Workshop Sessions. It also gives participants a forum for expressing their ideas and suggestions, exchanging thoughts, issues and achievements in their development process, or simply provides an opportunity for general discussion related to music.


To find out more about the group or register to participate click here to visit the Contact Us page on this site.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to The Blues Music Group

  1. Very interesting comments Phil. Your research into things blues is certainly informative and I’m sure others will find it fascinating. I hope you inspire further comment and interactions between group members and others. Great work!

  2. John Hardy
    When the lady with the piano accordian joined us a few weeks ago at the Chandelier Room, (apologies for not remembering her name), I remembered I had a Country Blues song on a CD somewhere with that sound. My blues love spans all sorts, country, delta, Chicago, Texas, finger pickin’, slide, acoustic. electric, old, new, all sorts.
    I found the song, “John Hardy” by Leadbelly (Huddie Leadbetter) on my “Blues Had A Baby And Called It Rock ‘n Roll” CD, a compliation of early blues songs that more recent artists have re-recorded.
    Like a lot of old blues songs the original versions of John Hardy are lost in time. But the song is based on a real person, an African-American convicted of murder over a card or craps game and hanged on the 19th of January 1894 in West Virginia.
    As the song spread some text changes happened. And the story of John Hardy and John Henry, also an African-American and possibly more myth than real were at times intermingled. John Henry was a legendary railroad worker who battles a steam drill in Summers County. He wins the race, an challenge to save the jobs of railroad construction workers, but dies from the effort after winning.
    In 1925 professor John Harrington Cox documented 9 versions of “John Hardy” where Hardy and Henry are assumed to be the same individual.
    Google the lyrics for both to read their stories. If you do Google John Hardy, read a few different versions.
    Leadbelly wasn’t the first to record “John Hardy”, that seems to go to Eva Davis on Columbia Records. Available on YouTube. I personally love Leadbelly’s version playing it on either a Button Concertina (no idea if it was a 10 button, 15 button or more) or a Piano Accordian. Other names familiar to me that recorded it are;
    The Carter Family
    The Kingston Trio (who called it Getaway John),
    Manfred Mann,
    Bob Dylan,
    Uncle Tupelo (great version),
    George Thorogood,
    The Gun Club (a rockin’ almost punk version)
    Pete Seeger,
    Woody Guthrie (who called the song “Johnny Hart”),
    Joan Baez, and
    Burl Ives.
    Heaps of others, but not names I know.
    As you might imagine, a lot of versions have a blues harp in the the version. Great sounds.

    As I said, I love Leadbelly’s version. I need to buy a squeeze box.
    Phill HIpwell

  3. Congratulations any many thanks to the organisers and other participants for the wonderful afternoon spent at Justin’s studio on sunday 7th April .
    I am looking forward to future w/shops and meeting you all again.
    Once again many thanks. ( Rock on and keep the blues alive).

    Herb Healey

    • Thanks for your comments Herb, I really pleased you got something out of the session and most of all, enjoyed it. We certainly look forward to seeing you back next session.

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